Help / FAQ

How can I get my business listed on your site?

Listing a business on is 100% free for a free listing package. Simply click on the "Add Business"  button at the top of the page and fill out your personal details, select a plan and add your business details. Once your details are submitted they will be reviewed to eliminate spam. Each new business submission will join the approval queue and approval is done on a first come first served basis. It will normally not take more than 1-2 business days for your listing to be reviewed.

Remember that there is no obligation to add a paid listing, our free listings will always be free. A paid listing just dramatically increases your exposure and the geographical area from which you can get customers.

What is the difference between a free listing and a Basic Listing?

Free listing is the most basic listing with no special priority feature. Free listings are not claimed and do not have the Verified Tag attached to it. In search results, Basic Listings have priority over Free listings and they have the verified tag attached to the business name. Basic listings are listed in more categories, have more keywords and more photos than Free listings.

What is the difference between a Basic listing and a Premium Listing?

A Premium Listing will appear at the top of search results in related categories and keywords in selected suburb/neighborhood, city ang region and will appear in a highlighted position above or to the right of the regular local businesses on that page. This could be from 5-1,000+ pages depending on which suburbs or regions you select. Premium Listing package is renewable on yearly basis. However, if it expires and you don't wish to continue, your listing will revert to the Basic Listing plan and stay there forever.

How do I get maximum exposure at GhanaBusinessWeb?

If you don't need too much trafic to your business, then a free listing is all you'll need. A free listing with customer reviews get higher exposure compared to those without customer reviews. So Business owners need to encourage their customers to review their Businesses on Buisnesses with complete profile are favored to those with incomplete profiles.

However, if you'd like to put your business in front of targeted customers from your selected suburb or city or region then you can do so quickly and inexpensively with a Premium Listing.

What is included in my free profile?

You'll get a detailed business profile page where new customers can get instant access to:

How could the Premium Listing help my business?

Premium Listings get 20x more trafic than Free Listing. Premium Listing will ensure that your business has a highlighted and priority (top of search results) position on the suburb (or region) you select. This means that your business be found above your competitors in the search results for your categories, keywords and location. In addition, your business will appear at the right hand side of competitors' pages giving you even more exposure.

You can add Deals to entice more clients since everyone likes good deals.


How much is a Premium Listing and where do I get one?

If you are now going to add your business, select premium listing from the Plans page. Payment is made through mobile money to Simpsol Solutions Ventures. You may also pay through cheque payable to Simpsol Solutions Ventures.

Do you accept all businesses?

No. is a local Ghanaian business directory. All businesses submitted to GhanaBusinessWeb are approved manually by our moderation team. This means that your business must have some kind of real, local presence. We do allow online businesses that are based in Ghana (with a real Ghanaian address). All businesses are approved manually by our internal team.

Can I be listed under multiple categories?

You can choose up to 4 categories per free business listing.

How long will it take to be listed on GhanaBusinessWeb?

The sign up process takes about 5-10 minutes (depending on how much of the form you fill out). If you choose to signup for a free listing then these are approved on a first come first serve basis. The time it will take for these businesses to be approved will depend on how many businesses there are in the queue at the moment.

The current estimated wait time for review is: 1-2 business days

I've lost my password. How can I get it back?

Please click on the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions to retrieve your password. Or contact our team.

I am already listed on your site, but my details are incorrect, how can I fix this and take control of my listing?

Simply navigate to your business listing and click on the 'claim this business' link and follow the instructions.

I've found a business with inaccurate details, how can I get this changed?

If it is not your business, then click on the report business link on the business listing page and fill out the form. If it is your business then simply click on the claim your business link and follow the instructions.

I've found a business that no longer exists how can I get it removed?

Please fill out the report business link in the business listing and an administrator will review your report.

I've encountered an error with your site, where can I report it?

If you have any errors you would like to report, you can contact us on this page.