How To Start A Phone Repair Business In Ghana

A cell phone repair business is a good venture because almost everyone in Ghana uses a mobile phone. Technology is made in a such a way that it crashes, it breaks, it has a limited life span etc. if it is not well cared for or used. So almost every time someone has a fault with their mobile. The faults could be simple screen cracks or technical system crash. If you have an interest in making some cool cash and becoming a phone repairer then here are tips on how to start a phone repair business in Ghana.

1. Business Plan

Every good business thrives on a good business plan. Not just having a good business plan, but following it to the end. You ought to set short- and long-term goals for your phone repair business. These goals should have time lines. You should decide when to start the business, what to do, where to do, how much to charge, business name, cost involved etc.

2. Take a phone repair class 

A very important tip on how to start a phone repair business in Ghana is learning how to repair them. You can be an apprentice of a phone repair expert, that will give you the opportunity to get practical experience. While at it, you can also learn from YouTube and other phone repair experts. You may just want to own a phone repair business without necessarily being a phone repairer. You don’t necessarily have to learn how to do it but it is important to know much about.

3. Register your business, social media, website 

Before you set up a physical shop, you should register your business. In order to avoid having issue with the law, register with Registrar Generals Department to get a business certificate and a legal approval. More often, small businesses do not realize the power of social media. Putting your business on social media Is creating awareness, making sales and getting customers. You may think a website is too much, but it shows how professional you are. Create social media accounts across major platforms and get a website. You can leave this in the hands of experts. 

4. Get the necessary tools

You should be aware that, getting the required tools for your phone repair business is very necessary. Some of the tools you may need include but not limited to, screw driver kit, voltage tester multimeter, soldering iron, curved tweezers, pry iron, precision knife set, nylon spudger. 

5. Get a shop

Having a physical shop is important when starting a phone repair business in Ghana. You can put up a shop in front of your house, but most necessarily it is important to have a shop at a busy location where people often pass. This will let more people know and see where you are located and what you do. Do not forget to put readable and understandable postage and signs. You can share flyers or brochures to people who pass through that route to create awareness.

If you’re looking to start a phone repair business in Ghana, take heart, it comes with good specs. You will make income and you are literally self employed and decide where and how the business should go. An added advantage is you can start selling phone accessories or phones as well.