Key Tourist Sites in Ghana and Their Location

Ghana is one of the most beautiful places anyone can ever visit or dream of living in. One of its sources of revenue is tourism and that is because of the exceptional tourist sites found here. Ghana is located in West Africa and has 14 regions that have extraordinary tourist sites and activities. 

The beautiful culture of Ghana is one of the reasons why foreigners love to visit. If you are living in Ghana you should have visited some of these tourist sites or if you are a foreigner wanting to visit Ghana then you should visit one of these tourist sites in Ghana and their locations.

1. Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is located in the central region of Ghana. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in Ghana. It is usually visited by both children and adults alike. People who visit always return with different stories of whether they got scared while climbing the canopy walk or the fun they had seeing people scared. The canopy walk is about 30 meters above the ground looking over a forest that has endangered species.

2. Larabanga Mosque

Situated in the Savannah region of Ghana, the Larabanga mosque is the oldest Mosque in Ghana. This mosque is fascinating because of the different mysteries surrounding it. There are people who believe the mosque mysteriously appeared and was not built by humans. If you are curious, take a tour to the Savannah region and see this beautiful architecture.

3. Boti Falls

Waterfalls are usually one of the most beautiful sites to behold. It depicts a sense of nature you don’t usually get to feel. Boti falls is located in the Eastern region of Ghana, it is believed that the falls isa male and female water falls that mates at certain times which causes the indigenes to perform mating rituals for the waterfalls. 

4. Nzuluzenu

 The beautiful Nzulezu which means on the surface of water, is a village built on stilts on the Amanzule lake. The houses are built with raffia palm branches and wood that looks as if the houses are floating on the water.It is located at Beyin in the western region of Ghana. 

5. Mole National Park

Mole national park is located within the Savanna land and is recognized as Ghana’s first, largest and most prestigious protected area. It is home to endangered animals and plant species. You will find all kinds of animals you might have never seen before

6. Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga Crocodile Pond is located in the upper East Region of Ghana. It is home to West African crocodiles. The Paga crocodiles are tamed and do not harm the people. People are able to relate to the crocodiles, they can touch them, sit on them or feed them without harm. This is one of the reasons why people visit the Paga Crocodile Pond

7. Aburi Botanical Garden

The Aburi Botanical garden is located in Aburi in the Eastern region of Ghana. It is just a few minute’s drives from Accra. It is filled with nature and there are varieties of plant species found there. People usually go there for a picnic, or just to tour around and feel the fresh air from the trees. 

Lots of people visit every year just to see the beautiful places, beautiful culture, and beautiful people of Ghana. This is just a short list of tourist sites in Ghana and their location. Which one is your favourite?