Basic Requirements To Travel To Ghana From Nigeria

So, you’re living in Nigeria and you’re planning on traveling to Ghana for work or perhaps for tourism. Well, there are some basic requirements to travel to Ghana from Nigeria that you might have to meet to avoid having problems with the Ghana Immigration Service. 

Here is the first thing you need to know. Ghana and Nigeria are part of the ECOWAS. Therefore, citizens from either country can travel and move freely to any other country without an entry visa. But here is the caveat, visa-free movement is only permitted for tourism. 

Aside from that, you can only legally stay in Ghana within 90 days of your visit. Even so, you still need to have a valid passport to prove your identity and your citizenship before approval can be made by the Ghana Embassy for your travels. 

On the other hand, if you are traveling to work or stay in Ghana, you will need a Ghana visa. The following are the basic requirements to travel to Ghana from Nigeria if your motive is to stay to work, do business, go to school, or even stay much longer for any special project:

• Possess a Valid Passport: You need to possess a valid passport that is not older than six-month before your departure date. If you have an older or unrenewed passport, you might want to get it renewed before starting the process of application.

• Apply for a Ghana Visa: Visit the Ghana Immigration Service website online. Go to the visa application section, fill out the form and attach the various documents required. Then you have to wait a few days for approval and visa notification.

• Copy of Host Passport: You also need to get your host to send you a scanned copy of the data page of his or her passport. This is also needed during the visa application on the Ghana Immigration website. 

• Proof of Residence: Be sure of where you will be lodging in Ghana while working, touring, or doing business. If it is a hotel, you need to provide proof of booking. If it’s a residence, you need to provide the detail and whom you will be staying with. 

• Latest Photo and Signatories: You will be required to provide the latest photo of yourself and the host. Before submitting your website, ensure it has been signed and endorsed to avoid any rejections.

• Letter of Invitation: Perhaps, you are traveling to Ghana from Nigeria because you are looking to go to school or work. Please, you have to provide a special invitation letter from your host. This will be submitted at the Ghana Embassy or in addition to documents for visa application.

• Reference Letter: Finally, you need to have a reference letter. This is a letter from your present employer or university confirming the status of your travel. You talk to your current employer or school rector to help with this letter. 

Once you have all these documents in place. You can visit the Ghana Embassy at Legos to start the process of visa application and make your necessary travel arrangements. While having these basic requirements to travel to Ghana from Nigeria, do not forget the monetary fee for the visa and traveling process.