How to Obtain Ghana Visa Upon Arrival

How to Obtain Ghana Visa Upon Arrival

One of the things that make Ghana friendly and home to millions of tourists is its flexible visa and immigration system. An Emergency or Entry Visa is issued to foreigners who have already arrived in the country with a visiting Visa. This visa is valid for 30 days and processed within 7 days of application. 

Terms & Conditions for Ghana Entry Visa Application 

  • Before getting started, the following are the key terms and conditions:
  • The host company or person must be a Ghanaian, residing in the country at the time of arrival. 
  • The applicate must be filed and facilitated by the host on behalf of the foreigner. 
  • The individual must have his traveling documents/passport at the time of application. 
  • International Passport is mandatory for the visa application of the individual. 
  • All visa applications must be submitted to the Comptroller-General of Ghana Immigration Service (GIS)
  • Whether a child or adult, the applicant is required to pay the entry visa fee of USD 150. 

Guidelines for Application 

The Ghana Entry Visa is regulated by the Ghana Immigration Regulations Act of 2001, LI 1691. Through this, all foreign nationals visiting the country can apply for their entry visa via the following accepted statutory guidelines: 

1. Complete and Submit the Form

The host must request, complete, and submit the visa application form to the Headquarters of Ghana Immigration Service, Accra. The key details included in the form are:

  • Name of individual
  • Telephone contact details (abroad)
  • House and email address 
  • Occupation or current profession
  • The nationality/country of origin
  • Purpose of the visit 
  • Date of arrival and departure 
  • Details of residential address in Ghana

2. Attach Essential Document to the Ghana Entry Visa Application Form

There are certain essential documents that are needed to be included with the application. Based on the host (individual or company), the following are key documents to be attached to the Ghana entry visa application form:

  • Copy of residence permit of the host
  • The bank statement of the host
  • The bio-data page of the applicant and signed application letter
  • Th travels ticket 
  • The proof stays with the individual 
  • Business registration document for entities
  • The bank statement/audited accounts of the respective entity.
  • The tax clearance certificate

3. The Applicant Must Meet the Emergency Ghana Visa Criteria for Processing  

The following are key considerations for processing:

  • The applicant is visiting for a short stay either for a tourist, family visit, or business.
  • The applicant comes from a country where Ghana does not have a consulate
  • The entry into the country is needed for a serious emergency assignment
  • The distance of the applicant makes it impossible for the applicant to acquire a visa before visiting

Once you meet the following measures, all you have to do is finally submit the document, pay the visa fees and wait for the approval. As said, earlier, it will take about 7 days for the final visa to be ready. Then you can visit the office for pick-up.   


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