The Various Ghana Visa Types You Must Know

Whether you are traveling to Ghana or perhaps you think that you will be transiting through Ghana, you might need an entry visa to Ghana. A visa is needed whether you are looking for a short or emergency stay in the country for tourism or business transactions. 

All visas are not the same. There are different kinds of Ghana visa types that foreigners need to know. Depending on the condition, you can apply for it. Each visa also has its own purpose, benefits and duration of stay in the country. 

Ghana Visa Types 

Well, the following are the basic Ghana visa types you must know:

  • Study/Student Visa: For international students looking to study tertiary courses in Ghana. 
  • Work/ Work & Resident Visa: It is granted to foreigners looking to work and stay in Ghana. 
  • Tourist Visa: It is granted to people looking for a short stay in Ghana for tourist purposes. 
  • Business Visa: It is granted to people visiting Ghana for local business transactions.
  • Reentry Visas: Visa for people looking to revisit the country. 
  • Tourist Visa Extension Permit: It is granted to extend the duration of a tourist’s stay in Ghana. 
  • Indefinite Residence Permit: It is for people working for a very long time in Ghana.
  • Emergency/Visa on Arrival: This visa is emergent and obtained upon arrival at the Ghana airport. 

Visa Free Countries

Citizens from these countries do not need a Ghana Visa before coming. Ideally, members of the ECOWAS do not have to get a Ghana Visa. However, Ghana has special agreements with other countries for free visas. Citizens from the following countries do not need visas to travel to Ghana: Togo, Guinea, Niger, Singapore, Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, Senegal, and Burkina Faso. 

Holders of Diplomatic Passports 

Individuals from the African Union States can request for visa upon arrival even if they are not part of ECOWAS. On the other hand, diplomatic and service individuals and others with official visas listed in the Visa Regime of Ghana do not need any visa before visiting the country. This includes nationals from all over the world. 

Gratis Related Countries 

Members listed in the Gratis-related countries can also visit Ghana without the need for a visa. Many of them come from the African Union and other countries. They include Mauritius, Egypt, Lesotho, Tobago, Botswana, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, Switzerland, Seychelles, and Grenadines. 


Before visiting Ghana, it is very important you talk to your Ghana embassy if you have one. This will enable you to get the right advice on the arrangement or processing of your Visa. If you do not have a consulate in your country, you might also consider contacting the Ghana Embassy online for guidance in processing your visa.