How to Add Photos to your Business Listing

At GhanaBusinessWeb, we recommend all businesses listed with us add images to their listing. Why?  Because images grab attention and grab it quickly.  When you have the reader’s attention you not only increase your business’ reach, but the probability of your business being chosen over another’s.  In fact, our stats show that business listings with 10 or more images receive up to 7 times more views!*

Here’s how you can add images to your listing:

You can easily add your business images and logo to your listing when you are adding your business on It comes directly with the business listing page.


But if for some reason you could not upload your image or logo when you were adding your business, then you can do it from the edit business page.

  1. Log in to GhanaBusinessWeb and go to your dashbord from the top right corner drop down menu.
  2. Click on 'Business' link on the menu and click on 'Edit Listing' link under your business listing
  3. Scroll the page down to the Business Logo and Photos field.
  4. Upload a logo and as many photos as will be allowed
  5. Click on 'Submit Changes' button to submit your changes

That's all.